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Price Affordability

Very good deodorant, it carry me all day!!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Tussy - Simple Review #1421341183

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Can you tell me where in the Charlotte N.C. area l can buy my Tussy Deodorant ?

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Tussy deodorant

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You were the only store I could find tussy deodorant in . I live in Fairmont wv.

This is the only kind that dose not give me boils. Please stock tussy one has it any more. deodorant. PLEASE!!!!!

I have looked every where else .No one has it any more Your store was just remodled this year 2012. After it was done you stopped saling it. Please stock it. please!!!!!!!

I like the new look and the stock of the new store. Please stock Tussy deodorant. Please stock Tussy deodorant.

I know as shopper at this store you sold alt of it. Pleaded stock Tussy deodorant!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Please restock this stuff can't find it ant

Y where


Check out tussycreamforsale.com, legit lowest prices on the internet.


Like the others, I too have been looking high and low for the Tussy deodorant. I had said that if I find a store that still carries it I would buy all they had.

It worked for my grandmother and it's the ONLY product that I can wear all day w/o getting embarrassed. Please stock this product in the Detroit, MI area.


I too cannot fine Tussy's. I have used it since I was a young teen growing up in St.Louis.

I now live in KC and cannot find Tussy's anywhere--at least the original Tussy's. Family Dollar store has some but it is not the same. Cvs & Walgreens no longer carry it---I am very disappointed. Where can I buy some?

Please bring it back on the market. It works so well--have never had any skin reactions.

to Mary Shawnee, Kansas, United States #613986

I too have been using since teens (my mom used it since the 50's) and wish cvs and Walgreens would sell again.


You people are stuck in a time warp.!!!

wearing something that is bad for you.

try the rock deodorant. get it at your local health food store


You have to buy it online


Are their some kind of harnful side affects regarding this product


My husband and I can't use anything else. We both have sensitive skin and this is the only deodorant we can use.

CVS no longer carries it!!! I hate that I can no longer find it except on Amazon.

This is crazy!!! :cry


I can't find it no where. I use a nail brush or a hard loofa to scrub underarms to keep from getting ingrown hairs. Therefore, I have less breakouts.


I use tussy as well. Here are several other sources to get it from:

www.nationwidecampus.com stocks regular and powder varieties in 3 packs.

www.amazon.com has regular in 3 packs.

Also, certain CVS pharmacies carry it.


And NOW, Drugstore.com does not have any TUSSY to sell us! I'm even more po'd!


As a north central WV consumer I too would like to see the Tussy brand offered more widely. People with sensitive skin benefit from the gentle effectiveness of this product.

I personally can't use most anything else.

I have used Tussy since I was a child and nothing else works comfortably for me.

Please urge vendors in the Grafton, Clarksburg, Fairmont and Morgantown area to carry this product. Thank You

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